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The taste of fun

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The taste of fun

The hissing sound of the grill, the typical smoky aromas, conviviality among friends and family, that's what barbecue stands for. A total concept that is applauded by many bon vivants. Young or old, man or woman, adventurer or homebody... Barbecue is for everyone! Barbecook can also only embrace this vision. With an extensive range of barbecues and an even wider range of BBQ accessories, this thoroughly Belgian brand is only too happy to bring everyone together around the fire! Thanks to an enormous passion and drive for constant innovation, Barbecook strives to meet everyone's grilling wishes.

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With BBQ recipes, many only think of meat. However, this is a wrong idea. BBQ recipes include so much more than meat. Think of fish, poultry, game, vegetables, fruit or even dairy products such as cheese and eggs! The possibilities are truly endless. The preparation methods are also extremely diverse: direct grilling, indirect grilling, simmering or even smoking. Long story short: you can conjure up countless BBQ recipes with a barbecue!

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