Wood BBQ

Wood BBQ

Everyone is familiar with a traditional charcoal barbecue, but did you know that there also exists a wood BBQ? With a wood barbecue you use wood as fuel. Barbecook offers two variants of this type of appliance: the Junko wood BBQ and the Rila wood BBQ, two unique models with plenty of possibilities. Read more

How to light a wood BBQ?

Lighting a wood barbecue is just like lighting a fire bowl. You put some kindling and some lighter cubes or wood wool firelighters in the center of the bowl of your wood BBQ. You then build a pyramid of dry wood blocks around it. Light the kindling and firelighters using a match or lighter. Let it burn until the flames have reached a maximum height of 10 to 15 cm. When using the Junko wood BBQ, place the grid, pan or pot so that it just barely touches the fire. Then, just like when using charcoal, you get a glowing mass. After that, it's a matter of keeping a close eye on your fire and always placing blocks where it glows less. The grill session on your wood barbecue can begin!

What are the advantages of a wood BBQ?

The use of a wood BBQ provides a great sense of togetherness and authenticity, because after all this is what our distant ancestors also did: getting together around the wood fire to cook and to talk about life. Cooking over an open fire is exciting and at the same time also very relaxing, because isn't it great that all your guests can gather around the wood barbecue to warm themselves up while you are cooking?

Which wood BBQ's does Barbecook offer?

Barbecook offers two different types of wood BBQ’s: the Rila and the Junko, both a real hit in the outdoor cooking culture that is becoming more and more popular!

Nestor Nestor

Barbecook presents: Nestor, a 360° wood barbecue that brings friends & family together around the fire all year round. With this versatile appliance, you don’t only conjure up the most diverse dishes, it’s also a true eye-catcher in your garden. Nestor is available in black galvanised steel & Corten steel.

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Junko Junko

With its original and surprising design, Junko appeals to real daredevils. Are you going wild over this appliance and can’t wait to try it out? No problem! Thanks to the ready-to-start package (tripod, grill and fire basket) you will be able to put your grilling instinct to the test straight away.

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Rila Rila

Cooking together around the fire. With Rila, you have a barbecue and fire basket in one! Multi-functionality is not the only advantage to Rila. Its wide legs keep it stable while you grill and the surface heats up quickly, so you can start cooking immediately after lighting the fire. This trendy geometric fire basket will be the new eye-catcher in your home.

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