Cleaning and maintaining the BBQ

Cleaning and maintaining the BBQ

Cleaning and maintaining your BBQ is necessary to maximize the lifespan of your barbecue and thus to be able to enjoy delicious barbecue gatherings as long as possible. With the sentence 'cleaning and maintaining your BBQ' many people spontaneously think of cleaning the BBQ grill, but also the other parts of your barbecue deserve a thorough cleaning from time to time. Fortunately Barbecook offers a diverse range of quality cleaning accessories to help you with cleaning and maintaining your BBQ. Discover them all! Read more

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Cleaning the BBQ grid

In terms of hygiene, the BBQ grill is the most important part to clean on a regular basis. So make it a habit to give your grid a thorough cleaning after each BBQ session and preferably while the grid is still hot, as the food residues haven’t yet 'attached' to the grid. Use one of the many Barbecook cleaning accessories for this, such as the two-headed grillbrush, a cleaning brush made of synthetic material or how about Barbecook's grill cleaner - a volcanic pumice stone which after some time will even take the shape of your grid? Plenty of choice! Make sure you always know which cleaning accessories you can use on which type of grid.

Cleaning and maintaining the other parts of your BBQ

Besides your BBQ grill, also the other parts of your barbecue will benefit from regular maintenance. The best way to clean and maintain the other parts of your BBQ is with a sponge, Barbecook's cleaning foam and possibly also some pH-neutral soap for the sensitive parts. It's important to rinse the appliance thoroughly with clean water afterwards and then dry it. Once your BBQ shines again you can put a Barbecook cover over it and put it in a dry, covered place. That's it, cleaning and maintaining your BBQ is a breeze thanks to Barbecook's top quality cleaning accessories.

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